It’s been a while!

OK….so I’ve been a bit busy lately….too busy to write, but I have been plugging away with my program.

Weight Watchers changed their program late last year and it motivated me to give it another go and try to restart a sluggish plateau……

I’m happy to report that I have dropped about 30# since the holidays. I credit Weight Watchers new program…Points Plus is better than any plan they’ve had…additionally, i’ve taken up “spinning” twice a week plus additional group fitness classes….I find that my motivation is at an all time high and I have more energy than I ever have. Ever.

All together, I have dropped 50# since starting this journey a year or so ago….and I’m down to a size 10 jeans from a size 16…GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know exactly how much more I wish to lose as it’s more about how my clothes fit and how I feel than an arbitrary number on a scale, but I’m guessing around 20#…give or take.

Stay tuned!


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