Week 2

OK….so I’ve started week 2 of the Extreme 14 day detox. First of all, I’m down another 4 pounds! YAY! Second…this really hasn’t been as hard as I thought. I really don’t miss the caffeine or the dairy…..the bread? Yeah…I miss it a little….but with results like this, I think I can forgo it another week or 2. Besides that? I feel FANTASTIC! I’m sleeping better….I have more energy….It’s amazing.

I’m hoping to be more active this week in terms of my exercise…I had to take it easy last week as a result of that accident last Friday. The soreness is mostly gone so I’m going to resume my normal exercise schedule unless the pain returns.

Off to the pool!


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  1. Lynn, Texas
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 19:11:18

    I think I hate you. lol Kidding aside, congrats on the weight loss.

    What discourages me is staying hungry 24 hours a day and doing without food I really like only to lose maybe a half-pound a week.

    Is there a web address for this diet? Or will a Google search bring it up? I’m really happy for you. 😀


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