So I followed the ‘Pre Fat Flush” for 7 days…..I did allow myself 1 cup of coffee a day and a glass or two of wine in the evening…..and I still managed to drop 5 pounds…..5 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m stoked…..of course I seriously ramped up my exercise last week too….so I imagine that had something to do with it.

Started on the Summer Flush (the 14 day extreme edition) today. I will admit to being a little hungry and missing my evening cocktail….but visions of pounds falling off are dancing in my head, so I will muddle through.

The one chink in the plan is I really can’t exercise this week like I usually do as I was injured on Friday night and have been forced to take it easy….maybe a trip to the pool and some laps is in order 😉

More later!


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