I blame the margaritas….

Down 1.2……I won’t lie….I’m a little disappointed. Yeah….I should be happy it moved in the right direction…but I was hoping for another good loss to propel me a little further on this journey.

We went out for Mexican on Saturday and I had a margarita and grilled chicken with veggies…..I didn’t even eat it all….but when I warmed up the leftovers today for lunch they were kinda greasy….guess that’s why they tasted so good 😉

I’m just going to blame this on the margaritas and sodium….I’m retaining water….yeah…that’s it.

OK…who am I kidding….I’m just going to be more conscious this week of sodium consumption and how foods are prepared when I eat out.

I did step up the weights too…and I’m feeling it today for sure.

Oh well…no regrets…..even the kids on The Biggest Loser have a hard time in week 2!


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