1st Weigh In After Restart!

Stoked.  That’s the only word I can use to describe how happy I was when I got on the scale this morning.  Down 4.8 pounds….yes…you read that right!

Of course…when I plugged this information into my WW Online journal….I was chastised for losing weight too fast.  Hold on WW…I get the fear of muscle loss, etc…..but I exercised alot this past week and have been careful to get in adequate protein.

I’m also aware that it’s normal to lose above average amounts the 1st week or 2 of any program because of water, etc.  That said….I’m hoping for a few weeks of larger than average losses…..and I don’t need WW telling me how to slow my weight loss….really?

I’m also doing a cleanse along with the WW plan….so I’m taking some supplements of fiber and ACAI to help keep my energy levels up and help work the sludge out of my system.  I must say….it seems to be working in terms of having plenty of energy and feeling….I don’t know…less sluggish than normal.

This week….I’ll be concentrating on getting to bed at a more reasonable hour and getting up earlier.  Adequate rest is also important in any weight loss effort.

Trying a new recipe tonight for dinner!  Only 5 points per serving!


I’ll let y’all know how it turns out 😉


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