These Hips Don’t Lie

Yeah…yeah…..I’m as sick of these “I’m starting over today” posts as well…..hopefully, this will be the last one.

So….my scale disappeared sometime early this year…I think my son (who coaches high school wrestling) “borrowed’ it to weigh the kids and forgot to return it…which he is wont to do.

Anyhow….I’m thinking….I don’t need a scale to keep me accountable….as long as my jeans keep getting bigger, I’m losing weight…right?  WRONG!

I had managed to drop down a jeans size early in the year….but those jeans became a little snug.  In my usual state of denial, I decided that it was because they were freshly washed and had shrunk. *snort*…Delude yourself much Liz?

Before I knew it I was wearing the bigger size again….and since it wasn’t tight, I figured I was losing weight again…..Gads….what convoluted thinking!

Yesterday…looking down at the muffin top situation happening on my mid section I decided enough was enough and stopped to buy a new scale.  I also dusted off my gym membership and logged back into my Weight Watchers account.

I wasn’t happy with what I saw on said scale this morning…but I dutifully logged it in my WW log and have been very carefully logging all of my food and exercise today.

Hopefully, this time I really mean it 😉  These hips don’t lie!


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