Had George Bush suggested that an island could capsize from overpopulation, the left would have been beside themselves with glee.

Had a GOP Congresscritter wondered if NASA could send a Mars Rover over to an Apollo Landing site…..we’d have heard no end of it!

Had a Republican Congressman said that they couldn’t concern themselves with the Constitution???? The MSM would have been positively ORGASMIC!

For the first time in my life…..I’m scared for my country…..I have NEVER seen an administration and congress govern SO against the will of the people….it’s all about power with these clowns!

I’m reading article after article and blog after blog providing evidence of the lies and deceit that these clowns have perpetrated on us……I’m ANGRY!!!! I”m sorry….but I would like nothing better than to smack every moron that voted for BHO without knowing a damned thing about him…..He ran on lies…..and continues to lie…..his own WIFE said that Kenya is Barack’s home country….HELLLLLLLLOOOOOO



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