Shut up?????

So I log into Facebook today and see a post from a “friend” (We’ll call him Bob) saying essentially that he’s sick and tired of people capping on the President and if we don’t like it…we should shut up or leave the country.

Well, isn’t that special…he sounded eerily like “Dear Leader” advising us to ‘tone it down’. To quote Sarah Palin “We will NOT sit down and shut up!”

Listen up, Bob. I’m an immigrant….I have a dual citizenship with Germany…I chose to stay here because until recently, this was a Republic and Germany is a socialist country. I have lots of family there, and I love them…but I prefer the freedoms that our founders gave us and that our soldiers fight and die for to maintain. This administration and this congress have run rough shod all over the Constitution and I daresay the framers of said document are rolling over in their GRAVES!

Bob, this country was build on dissent..the founders encouraged it…it’s what keeps a population free. If we “sit down and shut up” we will cease to exist as a free people…..plain and simple.

I recall in 2004 some left wing Hollywierd nutjobs saying if Bush was elected that they’d leave….they didn’t…..and I’m not either…I’m no wuss. I’m staying here and I’m going to fight like HELL to get MY country back….CAPICE??????

So no….I will NOT shut up…I will NOT cease to criticize this administration and this Congress as long as I see them chipping away at our freedoms and legislating so against the will of the people.

Just sayin’


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