American Recovery Reinvestment Act

I’m annoyed.  I’m seeing these signs popping up all over the place….”Putting America to work” they say….Really?  I never see any work being done anywhere near these signs!  Additionally….I”m annoyed that the government spent probably hundreds of thousand of OUR tax dollars to have these signs made and posted all over the country!  Why not invest that money in the recovery too?

This administration is SO arrogant that it needed to advertise?  “Here….look how good we are….we created some temporary jobs!”  I”m sorry….I do laundry and cook dinner almost daily…but I don’t put up a sign asking you to pat me on the back!

Despite the ARRA spending (and the signs telling us how wonderful everything is) unemployment is now up over 10%….and it’s starting to affect my family personally……

Recovery my ass!

Just sayin’ARRA


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