Hello.  My name is Liz C. and I am a Slacking Blogger.  There…..I said it.

I actually LOVE to write….but you know those “Life Comes At You Fast” commercials?  Yeah.

Anyway…for those of you following my weight loss….I’m pretty much hanging at the 40# down mark….I guess that’s good…but it’s also bad because I had hoped to be at my goal by now and scheduling that tummy tuck for February…not sure that’s gonna happen now.  That said…for all the traveling that Hair Show season brings….I really can’t complain.  I’ve been to some old favorites like Terre Haute and some new places like Toronto…and I did dine on healthy sushi for the most part and made use of the pathetic little gyms in my hotels.

I was surprised that on a recent trip to Birmingham (which I LOVED, BTW) I managed to lose 3 pounds despite eating such awful things as corned beef hash and chicken wings…..maybe it was all the walking?  😉

I have a trip to Toledo next weekend and a possible business meeting in Florida before the end of the year…but I am convinced I can handle myself while on the road now….that’s a good thing 😉

That said….I fully intend to be back to counting my points, the gym and regular journaling and blogging starting THIS MONDAY….I’m determined to lose that last 20 (ish) and get that belly button piercing in time for bikini season 2010.

For those of you who are riveted by my pearls of political wisdom…I’m afraid that there is not enough bandwidth to explain how i am feeling about everything that is going down right now….but rest assured, once i get my inbox under control (again) and I sort out my thoughts and have some time to read and form some educated and clear opinions….y’all will be the first to know…’ve been warned 😉


Have a great weekend!




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