4169_1157032442224_1120126348_30467279_2197632_sSo, I’m at Belterra Casino in SE Indiana tonight. I have a bridal party to attend to in the morning and she is getting ready here starting at 9, so I thought it would be a good idea to just stay here rather than drive down here at the crack of dawn.

Anyway…First we hit the buffet for dinner…it’s seafood night and I filled up on salad and stuff from the raw bar…crab legs, shrimp, oysters. Buffets can be a dangerous thing, but my appetite isn’t what it used to be so I was full in a hurry….but I was observing people going back for thirds, and fourths, etc…..and they were getting all the fried stuff, the pizza, the pasta….desserts….and most of these people were incredibly large….some on scooters because they couldn’t handle their own weight anymore.

Then went down to the casino and quickly lost $10 in a machine and decided it wasn’t my night, so I walked around a little and just “people watched”…..more people on scooters….chain smokers with oxygen tanks….I was instantly moved to get outside and work off that second helping of peel and eat shrimp….Well, unlike Vegas, there is no vast strip to walk on and they kicked me off the golf course…so I did a few laps around the parking lot.

I know I’m probably not the first person to think of this, but it occurred to me that if those same people would take the cabbage that they were pissing away in machines and use it to buy decent healthy food and maybe a gym membership, they could lose the oxygen tanks and the scooters…..Personal responsibility = Health Care Crisis solved.

I’m just sayin’ šŸ˜‰


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