I am chugging along now! I’m down another 2.5 for a total of 26!!!!!

Since the past couple of weeks have been so good, I’m going back over my journals to try to pinpoint what I did right so I can keep the momentum going! I think the key has been consistent exercise. Another big thing, I think, is the past 2 Sundays the weather has been nice here in “The Nati” and hubby and I have gone for 2 hour plus walks around town…..that’s enough to burn half a days calories right there…..I guess if the weather isn’t nice next Sunday I’ll have to walk on a treadmill for 2 hours?

It’s been great because people are starting to say things to me…they see it in my face and in my waistline (which is returning, LOL) And, I’ve inspired my best friend (guy I work with who really doesn’t need to lose much) to try Weight Watchers to lose instead of fads like Atkins…..so I’m inspiring others and that inspires me!

More later!


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