Just wanted to put it in writing….

This isn’t weight loss related…well maybe sort of in that it caused me some stress and I tend to make bad choices when I’m stressed.

I had a large bridal party yesterday morning at a downtown Cincinnati hotel….i did 6 heads of hair for the big day. They put cash for me in an envelope with my name on it, which I shoved into my pocket and thanked them and left.

When I reached my car in the parking lot across the street (I never went outside, used the Skywalk) I realized that the envelope was gone. Now mind you….downtown Cincinnati is not crowded by any stretch of the imagination on a Saturday morning, so I retraced my steps hoping to find the envelope….no luck. I left my name and number with security at the hotel and at the downtown shopping mall/parking garage and then proceeded to yell at myself and cry uncontrollably….we’re talking $250 plus….and I needed and was counting on that money.

I have been hoping that an honest person picked it up and turned it in somewhere…but follow up phone calls have turned up empty.

At first…..I was angry that anyone could take an envelope that had someone else’s name on it…..had I picked up an envelope with a large amount of cash name or not, I would have turned it over to someone in authority.

Well…..I turned the situation over to someone in authority….I prayed about it…..and have decided to ask God to bless the person who found the money….maybe they needed it more than I did and God will find another way to meet my needs….He always does….I’ve learned an expensive lesson…but it’s also been an exercise in faith building.


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  1. Lynn
    Jan 19, 2009 @ 00:56:50

    A similar thing happen to my husband – cashed a check for $200, stopped to pick up something at the grocery, got home and discovered all but about $5 was missing. He fretted around about it; then decided that it may have answered someone’s prayer and need.

    By the same token, I firmly believe your needs will be met by our awesome God. 😀


    • Elisabeth
      Jan 19, 2009 @ 01:04:29

      Thank you, Lynn, for the affirmation….I can only beat myself up so much for it….my needs have been met just in time every time….so my faith is gaining strength….I think we’re all gonna need it for the next few years 😉


  2. Lynn
    Jan 19, 2009 @ 07:33:18

    Yes, I think we are definitely going to learn to trust like we’ve never have in our life times.

    But the good thing is we’ve have some experience upon which to draw. 😀


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