Merry Christmas!!!!

So, I’ve got everything pretty much ready to go for Christmas Dinner.  I have the standing rib roast coming to room temp….I’ll put it in the overn in about 1/2 hour….I’m following Paula Deen’s Foolproof recipe, so while the oven is off for 3 hours….my husband, son and I are going to see “Yes Man” at the local theater.   I’ve already got the mashed potatoes done, asparagus cleaned and in a steam bag and Yorkshire Pudding batter in the fridge.  When I get home, I’ll turn the roast back on and bring the pudding to room temp and finish everything off.

Sounds caloric, I know….but I figure Christmas is ONE day a year…I never eat until I’m “sick”…my appetite has decreased considerably and I’ve eaten light so far today.  When I get the roast in the oven, I will probably go for a brisk 40 minute walk around the neighborhood….and I mean brisk as it’s 31 degrees…at least it’s sunny!

I’ll be back on program 100% tomorrow….planning on going to the gym after work at 5 then home to a nice piece of broiled fish and tossed green salad.

The new season of BL starts soon and I’ve joined that food for pounds challenge where they donate food to the hungry for every pound people lose….so there’s an extra motivation for me to shed this weight….the idea of feeding hungry children means the world to me.

Anyway… Tiny Tim would say “God Bless us, everyone!”


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