A little sore this morning…

Well, I planned on getting to bed early last night and getting up early to go work out first thing….well you know what they say about plans!

Anywhoo…I did go to bed about 11….but slept all the way to 8:00!  EGADS!  The only thing I can think is that my body was compensating from the previous night’s sleep deprivation.  Additionally….it’s been so gloomy here in SW Ohio…who WANTS to get out of bed!

I did go to Urban Active last night and worked out….did about an hour on the treadmill…my ankle’s a little sore, but the late workout may have also contributed to my exhaustion….got home about 8:30 and had a salad then read some blogs and emails before I passed out.

The Urban Active that I joined is not yet open, so they gave me a pass to visit other clubs in the meantime.  I went to one near my salon….the guy at the door wasn’t too thrilled to see a fat old woman come in there….I guess we ruin the Meat Market image he wants to convey…who knows..but he showed me where to find everything and off I went.  Nice facility, but it was mostly a younger crowd…I just minded my own business and did my time.  One of my friends goes to one in Northern Kentucky…nice view of the Ohio River he says….the plan is for me to try that one today.  I had a cancellation due to illness of my last appointment of the day, so I’ll go check that one out…he says they have a walking track which is appealing to me…I prefer the feeling of moving forward than standing still…..vertigo is never good.

I’m sitting here sipping my coffee and stretching…the rest of the house is still asleep….bunch of bums.

I did hop on the scale (just for the hell of it) and it looks like the scale is moving…I’m hoping for an end to the plateua on my Monday weigh in!

OK…..so…maybe I’ll get up early and go work out TOMORROW!


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