A new day!

So, I’ve been up since like 4:30….not intentionally…I’m not THAT crazy…but I have my blackberry set to light up when a message comes in from family..and when it lights up at 4:30, well, I get worried.  Turns out it was my son…he’s 23 and serving our country in the US Army..he was home on leave and left Monday to return to Baghdad.  He’s still in Kuwait in a holding pattern, but he was letting me know he was supposed to leave for BIAP later today….everything is fine, but now i’m UP.  It’s all good…I think there’s probably something to that “early to bed early to rise” thing…so I’m game…hopefully I pass out early tonight and it will get me going on a pattern of getting up early and hitting the gym first thing rather than putting it off….however, the new gym membership has me stoked!

The plan is I’m working from about 11 to about 6:30…I’ll head to the gym after that…light supper and maybe a little TV before turning in.

A couple of weeks ago, some ladies I worked with at a photo shoot turned me on to Twitter…particularly to follow WW Tweets to keep me inspired and motivated….through that network, I’ve stumbled across some really cool blogs, which I have now subscribed to via RSS Feed….like the Biggest Loser show that I love so much, I find these blogs very inspiring and motivating as well….it seems I have much to learn, but I’m eager!

One more cup of coffee (with Splenda) and I should be good to go!


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